Technical Committees

The Technical committees regularly furnish the Governing Council with information on issues relating to the practice of insurance.

The Technical Committees of the Association have the following responsibilities:

  1. Advising the Governing Council on technical and professional matters.
  2. Dealing with matters that may be referred to them by the Governing Council.
  3. Carrying out other functions as may be contained in the rules and regulations of the Committee.
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The Technical Committees are:

  1. Accident Offices Committee
  2. Accounting Technical Committee
  3. Information Technology Committee
  4. Risks, Audit and Compliance Committee
  5. Corporate Affairs Committee
  6. Fire Offices Committee
  7. Legal Committee
  8. Life Offices Committee
  9. Marine Offices Committee
  10. Motor Technical Committee
  11. Micro Insurance Committee
  12. Human Capital Management Committee